Sep 8 2009

Advertisements Want to Make You Unhappy

Can you spot the ad?

It is a wonder how any of us feel good being ourselves. The average person sees about 3,000 advertisements a day. Each of these advertisements is telling you the same thing : You aren’t good enough.

From the advertisement that tries to sell you a cleanser for your face to the advertisement for a new pair of shoes. The point is that you need this product or you need to do something to be a better person. You aren’t pretty enough if you don’t use that face cleanser. You won’t look good in your old pair of shoes. The advertisement has to make you unhappy or else it isn’t going to work. If you are happy with your current situation then why would you need another pair of shoes?

You have to be content with yourself now or else you won’t be happy. One quick way to be happier is to ignore these advertisements. Everyone thinks they are ignoring the advertisements if they don’t buy the product, but the advertisement still makes an impact. If I pass by billboard that shows a new electronic gadget then I might not much think about it, yet it still made some impact. The mission to make me want it might not be fulfilled, but I still will feel slightly discontent with my current state because I don’t have it. The best way to ignore advertisements is to avoid them

It seems almost impossible to avoid all ads, because they are so ingrained in our society. We could avoid television, radio, and internet but we will still see an advertisement on the way to work. Sometimes you don’t even have to see an advertisement to be reminded of one. Every time you look at your old mop then you remember the nice new one that was advertised on TV a few weeks ago. So you just have to try to avoid as many advertisements as possible and just accept that you cannot avoid all of them.

Stop watching TV. This will benefit you so much in the long run. You will be less likely to waste time and you will avoid a large amount of advertisements. If you must watch some shows then try TiVo or watching it online to cut out many commercials.

Try a low information diet. Don’t read the newspaper or search out the news. There isn’t anything that is life changing that won’t trickle down to you sometime by word of mouth. If something big happens then you will hear about it sooner or later. Don’t fret about knowing it the second that it happens.

Avoid mindless surfing of the internet. It wastes valuable time and it usually doesn’t serve much of a purpose. I could easily get lost for hours and find that I have nothing to show for it. Being productive on the internet will still make you come in contact with many ads, but it will be less. You could always try to block the ads also.

You must pay attention to what you subjected to or else you risk letting it effect you. You can be strong enough to not pay attention to it, but it is easier and better to simply to avoid it rather than fight it. You waste valuable time and effort to fight it.

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  1. veto said:

    greatest post i read since years. i will really follow this up.
    like lost in the Internent III – overloaded with info and than additionally stressed by adds and useless posts.

    June 14th, 2012 at 7:51 pm


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