Aug 22 2008

List of 50 goals


List of Goals

Goals are the spice of life, and I often would spend hours searching the internet to find new and interesting goals. I came to find out that most people are pretty similar in the goals in their life. Financial Freedom is a big one. No one wants to hate their job, and many would prefer to live without a job. Travel is quite popular, but this is hard for those making a low income. Many of the goals that I saw required travel, such as seeing the pyramids in Egypt, karaoke in Japan, viewing the northern lights. I tried to come up with goals that could be done at home, but I will admit I have a lust to travel as much as the next person so I felt I have to add a few. One other thing I saw was that goals were mostly related to doing something instead of achieving something. Anyone can skydive (Maybe not anyone, but if I can do it then I bet a lot of others can) but not everyone speak in front of a thousand people comfortably. Speaking in front of people seems to me more of an achievement rather than just a task. I wanted to add more tasks that focus on improvement of you, but I couldn’t resist all the fun things that can be done too.

These are a list of goals that I would do, actually I hope I do all of these someday. This is meant as a way to get you motivated to create your own list. When I see a list of goals, it just makes me motivated to make and achieve my own. I tried to make the goals as measurable as possible, since this means a higher chance that the goal will be done. An example would be having the goal to stop procrastinating, instead a better goal is write down the things that need to be done and spend an approximate amount of time doing each item. So, here is a few that might get you started.

  • Graduate from College
  • Backpack in Southeast Asia during one summer (or any other prolonged period of time)
    Read one book every two weeks ( This is easier while in school, but it takes a little motivation outside of school)

  • Save 50 dollars a month until I can afford more than 50 a month. (At the moment I only have enough to save 50 dollars a month, but this will go up as I get higher paying jobs. I am just a poor college student at the moment)
  • Wake up at 5:00 am every day of the week.
  • Replace all negative thoughts with positive ones (A bit vague, but you get the point)
  • Eat a raw food diet
  • Exercise 3 days a week for the rest of my life.
  • Finish a Marathon
  • Skydive
  • Write a list of 100 things that inspire happiness (Try to do one of them daily!)
  • Have at least a short conversation with a new person every 3 days (Outside of work)
  • Be able to hold a conversation for 10 minutes in two languages other than English comfortably
  • Interact with someone daily without being face to face (This could be a forum online or a post card across the world Post Crossing.)
  • Go Snowboarding (You fall a lot the first time, but it’s awesome once you get going!)
  • Do something that scares you daily (Talk to that girl, travel without a plan, quit your day job)
  • Compliment someone daily (It must be sincere)
  • Learn to swim (Shocking, but I don’t know how to do this.)
  • Live without a T.V. (I don’t watch any T.V, but I like to watch movies and play a few games occasionally)
  • Make a list of movies that make you happy (This might seem unproductive, but it could help your mood! )
  • Meditate every single day (ohm)
  • Commute by Bike 3 times a week (Hopefully more, and by bus the other days)
  • Clean the whole house, and then have the each item in the same spot before bed
  • Finally get started with GTD(Getting Things Done)
  • Make a positive impact on someone’s life so they may achieve their goals.
  • Go green with having every major item in my house energy efficient (Washer, Computer, Toilet, etc)
  • Have one extraordinary experience that I can share with someone that will shock them (This is a little harder, but it gives motivation to do the most with each day)
  • Ride a camel into the desert
  • Write a email/letter to someone that is semi-famous inquiring about something ( I say semi-famous because I hope for a response which might not happen with someone that is too famous.)
  • Write down my Most Important Things each day that shall be achieved by the end of the day (Direction in your day helps!)
  • Own one extremely nice suit (or some very nice formal attire for the girls reading. You never know when you will need it. You could need a suit quickly to meet with someone)
  • Join Toastmasters (Or some other way to practice public speaking, which can be a vital skill)
  • Climb a great pyramid in Egypt, and take a picture at the top
  • Photograph an endangered species
  • Participate in Burning Man (Burning Man happens (August 25 – September 1st, 2008) the last week of August every year at Black Rock City, the third largest city in Nevada for one week a year.)
  • Visit a temple, and live like a monk for a month
  • Memorise the poem “If…” by Rudyard Kipling
  • Learn how to lucid dream (My night life should be exciting too)
  • Build a dream house that would be worthy of being featured on The Cool Hunter
  • Experience homelessness for at least a month (I would suggest longer to get the full experience, but this is hard.)
  • Sleep a night in a snow fort I built.
  • Surround yourself with only positive people
  • Help someone daily (This may be large or small. Simply picking up something that someone dropped or as large as jumping in your car to go pick up a friend that needs you.)
  • Volunteer and make a commitment for a year
  • Publish a book (About what? I don’t know. When? No idea. I just want to be able to reach a lot of people and hopefully improve one life)
  • Have a job that is enjoyable each day
  • Live without a car
  • Meet someone that has changed a country (or world. These people include the Dalai Lama, President of a country, etc)
  • Run mile in five minutes
  • Learn one dance and use it
  • Learn Photoshop and make a picture that invokes a smile
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    1. Nathan Tripathy said:

      Let me see. I have done a bit of this so I will play along too. A few of yours have even inspired me.

      1. Graduate from college.
      2. Read one book every two weeks.
      3. Begin a savings account ($50 a month should be a good start)
      4. Wake up at 6:00 or with the sun five days a week.
      5. Exercise three days a week forever.
      6. Finish a half marathon
      7. Facilitate a conversation between two people who don’t share a language.
      8. Avoid using a car when I can.
      9. Contact one person beyond physical reach a day.
      10. Get published (more than once if possible)
      11. Stick with a martial art for an entire year (Aikido, HEMA, Savate, etc.)
      12. Complete an MA.
      13. Spend a year in a foreign country (long enough to prove to myself that I can)
      14. Create my own game/story/universe
      15. Keep a journal regularly
      16. Make sure my brother is set for life.
      17. Bury my mom’s ashes.
      18. Attend a major academic counsel on Medieval Studies or a similar field.
      19. Learn to cook
      20. Train in counseling.
      21. Travel abroad with somebody.
      22. Spend 2 hours a week doing outside activities.
      23. Return to childhood vacation locale.
      24. Live without drugs for a week or a month or a year.
      25. Formally speak to a large group of people at an event.
      26. Finish writing collection of essays.
      27. Write a treatise explaining my beliefs.
      28. Return to France (especially the south)
      29. See the state of India where my grandfather is from.
      30. Travel on the Trans-Siberian railroad.
      31. Pilgramage to sacred Taoist sites in China.
      32. Travel to Istanbul and see Byzantine ruins.
      33. Ride in a fighter jet.
      34. Travel to Cape Horn.
      35. See tribes in east Siberia.
      36. Travel across the Sahara.
      37. Learn how music works (music theory I guess)
      38. Find a job that pays well (36k for a while then 48k then 60k)
      39. Study how people concieve of the world they (or we?) live in.
      40. Learn how to survive and get along well away from civilization.
      41. Own as few things as possible and live modestly.
      42. Be flexible and comfortable enough to help loved ones in need.

      Alright so I only have 42 without racking my brain entirely. Plus it is super late.

      July 3rd, 2010 at 2:31 am
    2. Philip said:

      I love your list. Your list has some very caring items on it for other people which is inspiring. We should work together on our lists.

      July 3rd, 2010 at 5:01 am


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